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Welcome to All Saints Church, Spartanburg! We hope you enjoy your online experience and get a feel for what we're all about. Come and worship with us this Sunday. Whether you are far away from God, finding your way back to Him, or in a growing relationship with Him, we believe you'll find All Saints to be a place where you can encounter Jesus in wonderful and life giving ways. 

Welcome home...

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The Church in Exile

Dear Saints,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Risen Lord Jesus!

I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to meet face to face with others in our Friday morning Bible study last week! We set up extra tables and spread out but to share the scriptures together after being apart was good for the heart! It reminds me that we humans are created for fellowship and it’s not good for man to be alone!

Things do seem to be opening up a bit, and the data would suggest the original forecasts were overly pessimistic, but that doesn’t change the fact that this pandemic is a serious thing and must be taken seriously. We must remember there are thousands of families grieving in the aftermath of this sickness. There are people around us that are at risk of devastating consequence from Covid-19. All Saints has been fortunate in avoiding any serious incident so far. Thanks be to God for his mercy and protection! 

The progress that has been made battling this pestilence is, in large part I think, due to our willingness to make sacrifices and change behaviors for a season. One could argue in retrospect that the steps we were asked to take were too extreme, but that’s an argument for later. The conversation that needs to happen now is how and when do we transition back to normalcy. It is our responsibility as Christians to be good citizens and so our decisions bear witness to our willingness to follow Christ. The question is not whether we have the right to meet together (we do!), rather should we meet together? Is it safe? That’s a complicated question. The answer is yes and no depending on pre-existing conditions and acceptable risk. The decision to allow small group Bible studies to meet is in line with state guidelines but the choice to attend is of course up to the individual. It is up to the individual group leader to decide if meeting together in person or by Zoom is appropriate. I have decided to meet in person at the church with the groups I lead which includes the Wednesday night Ephesians study and the Friday morning Bible study.

The most current data would suggest it is appropriate to begin planning to reopen our worship services. How and what that looks like is the next order of business. Your council will begin those conversations in earnest at our April Council meeting. Please pray for your leadership. We need your prayers for wisdom and our conversation needs to be guided by the Holy Spirit and steeped in Godly wisdom. You’re prayers are crucial in holding us steadfast before God. Thank you for your willingness to stand with us!

May God bless you and keep you!